The New SweetSilver Collection

In case you haven’t heard, I’ve been working on a new collection over the last few months. I’ve been posting work-in-progress photos on Instagram quite a bit, so some of you may be excited to see the finished pieces. Well, wait no longer; here they are: On Monday I’ll post more photographs and information. Do…

Lifeless Worth

“Because this ‘moth’ is silver, art, and crafted by hand, is considered to have value. Time, effort, and money were put into making this dead moth. It is worthy to be scrutinised and criticised, pondered over and sold for many times its material value.”

The Very Tiny People Meet a Whisk

Today’s installment of Adventures of the Very Tiny People: The very tiny people try to make scrambled eggs for breakfast, but their tiny silver whisk is just not tiny enough. The Giant offers his assistance, and – once Francine comes to – it seems as if the very tiny people will be getting their breakfast…

Day 34 to 37 (3rd to 6th of February)

Here’s another fascinating installment of “Daily Jewellery:” Day 34: Gold dust necklace. Ephemeral yet valuable. Day 35: insect brooch made from found objects. Day 36: Memory neckpiece. Made from my childhood. Day 37: ‘Connection’ necklace where the clasp becomes the pendant. Made from brass found objects and 9ct gold.

Day 11 to 17

Oops…I seem to be a little behind in my updates for my Year of Jewellery. But late is better than never I suppose, so here is last week’s Daily Jewellery: I’ll update you with pictures of this week’s jewellery on Friday or Monday (I haven’t decided yet).

The 6th Day

I’ve finally learnt that planning what I’m going to make before I start making it makes things a whole lot easier. Doing that has meant that I was able to create something a little more complex today, namely this copper ring with a rotatable cog. The tiny person on it is there because he was…

Day 3 (these titles are getting a little predictable)

It’s a little late, but here is day 3’s jewel: I returned to the bubbles of day 1 to create this ring made from silver and touchable bubbles (I admit that I didn’t make the silver part today, but it still counts). A beautiful and transient ring, this is not one that you can wear…

Day 2

Clocks. They’re so useful, beautiful, and annoying (or at least when they’re ticking and you’re trying sleep). Since I’m planning to start making use of more moving parts in my jewellery, I’ve been playing with some bits of clocks. Today’s jewellery of the day is this clock-hand creation.

Day 1

Well, the first day of the year is almost over and here’s my first item of jewellery. It’s made from wool and bubbles. I can honestly say that this is the best jewellery piece I’ve made this year. Maybe tomorrow’s will be even better.

Here is a Wonderful Thing

Here, all in a single post, is just what you’ve been waiting for: iiiit’s…NEW JEWELLERY! (pauses while readers celebrate with dancing, singing, crashing cymbals, and the six-stringed lyre) Now, two characters you might remember. The prequel to “Meeting of Curious Creatures,” here’s “Squid Longs for a Friend” (when wearing them on separate ears, the title…