A Short Ode To A Skeleton

I’m sad to say goodbye to my Skellington necklace. He’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever made. Happily though, he is currently at Itch Gallery (in Oakham, Rutland) enthusiastically waiting for someone to adopt him. Bye, Skellington. I hope you find a lovely new home. Advertisements

The Very Tiny People Meet a Whisk

Today’s installment of Adventures of the Very Tiny People: The very tiny people try to make scrambled eggs for breakfast, but their tiny silver whisk is just not tiny enough. The Giant offers his assistance, and – once Francine comes to – it seems as if the very tiny people will be getting their breakfast…

Here is a Wonderful Thing

Here, all in a single post, is just what you’ve been waiting for: iiiit’s…NEW JEWELLERY! (pauses while readers celebrate with dancing, singing, crashing cymbals, and the six-stringed lyre) Now, two characters you might remember. The prequel to “Meeting of Curious Creatures,” here’s “Squid Longs for a Friend” (when wearing them on separate ears, the title…

Giant Squid Makes a Friend

A few months ago, one of my dreams involved submarining past a giant squid – among other things. That image evolved into this picture: And that picture has evolved into a necklace design, which I’ve been busy making. Here you can see the silver squid befriending the ship captain: I have since given the squid…

Where are they now?

Remember those ‘few new creations‘ from back in November? Do you wonder what they’ve been doing since? One of our determined reporters tracked them down in Oakham, Rutland to find out what they’ve been up to lately: A New Adventure Upon meeting these fascinating characters, one expects them to be proud and condescending now that…

The Wooden Ones

Since my tiny community of Wooden people is quite popular (which is not surprising, they’re adorable) I thought I’d introduce a few of the key personalities. Here you can see (from left to right) Rupert, Rodriguez, Jemima, and Albert. Rupert (‘Son of Pert’) is village leader. A proud and stubborn man, he is also considerate,…

Egbert and the Bit of Tree

While roaming through the public gardens one day, I located – and consequently purloined – a Tree-Bit that had been discarded by the Tree Police. I plan to carve him up into art, but for now I am allowing Egbert and the Wooden People to befriend him. Note to my dad: Do you recognise the…

Fall Bracelet

Fall Bracelet (2012) silver, copper Here be my newest tiny person, sitting forlornly on a branch. He doesn’t like these long nights, and short, silver-clouded days.  

A Few New Creations

  I’m sure you’re desperate to see the full-sized images, but never fear, they are all on the ‘Portfolio’ page.


I love animation. So I’ve uploaded some of my A-Level attempts to see if they’ll be greatly admired by the world or hated and ostracised. I demand only extreme reactions.    


A month or so ago I found the broken innards of a torch lying in the workshop, which seemed robotesque to me. My philosophy has now become: if you give something eyes it’ll become a robot. An important philosophy I think.