What’s Christmas About?

Or: This is Not a Feel-Good Christmas Post Christmas movies all seem to have clear opinions on what Christmas is about: “Christmas is about family.” “Christmas is about giving.” “Christmas is about peace.” About love. About feeling good. About believing (usually in Santa). But what makes them think they can summarise what Christmas is all…

Lifeless Worth

“Because this ‘moth’ is silver, art, and crafted by hand, is considered to have value. Time, effort, and money were put into making this dead moth. It is worthy to be scrutinised and criticised, pondered over and sold for many times its material value.”

The Very Tiny People Meet a Whisk

Today’s installment of Adventures of the Very Tiny People: The very tiny people try to make scrambled eggs for breakfast, but their tiny silver whisk is just not tiny enough. The Giant offers his assistance, and – once Francine comes to – it seems as if the very tiny people will be getting their breakfast…

The 6th Day

I’ve finally learnt that planning what I’m going to make before I start making it makes things a whole lot easier. Doing that has meant that I was able to create something a little more complex today, namely this copper ring with a rotatable cog. The tiny person on it is there because he was…

Glass Artists, Ornithophobia, and Mysterious Creations

I went to a very interesting talk at the Ulster Museum this afternoon. Glass artist Colin Reid spoke on his work. I was quite impressed by the variety of intriguing sculptures he’s made, and I really want one of his giant-leaf coffee tables (preferably for free). You can view some of his beautiful work here….

Current Work

While making this guy today, one of his legs broke off. I soldered it back on, giving him a beautiful silver prosthetic bottom. Here he is taking a swim after his ordeal.

Bennet I

Bennet the 1st explores the private life of a lonely ‘Everyman’ who does not understand his worth and longs to prove himself useful. And ain’t he cute?

Community of the Individual

An interest in humanity and society, the reasons people behave the way they do, the relationships in a community, the reactions of one person confronted by another, and the humanity of the individual. Tiny figures put things into perspective: no matter the ‘importance’ of a person, they are seemingly insignificant in this enormous world, yet this insignificance…