And on the 7th day…

…I didn’t rest. I made this thing: It’s a friend for yesterday’s cog ring! Advertisements

The 6th Day

I’ve finally learnt that planning what I’m going to make before I start making it makes things a whole lot easier. Doing that has meant that I was able to create something a little more complex today, namely this copper ring with a rotatable cog. The tiny person on it is there because he was…

Here is a Wonderful Thing

Here, all in a single post, is just what you’ve been waiting for: iiiit’s…NEW JEWELLERY! (pauses while readers celebrate with dancing, singing, crashing cymbals, and the six-stringed lyre) Now, two characters you might remember. The prequel to “Meeting of Curious Creatures,” here’s “Squid Longs for a Friend” (when wearing them on separate ears, the title…

Where are they now?

Remember those ‘few new creations‘ from back in November? Do you wonder what they’ve been doing since? One of our determined reporters tracked them down in Oakham, Rutland to find out what they’ve been up to lately: A New Adventure Upon meeting these fascinating characters, one expects them to be proud and condescending now that…

Fall Bracelet

Fall Bracelet (2012) silver, copper Here be my newest tiny person, sitting forlornly on a branch. He doesn’t like these long nights, and short, silver-clouded days.  

A Few New Creations

  I’m sure you’re desperate to see the full-sized images, but never fear, they are all on the ‘Portfolio’ page.


Apparently I was a little quick to post that ‘Before‘ picture, but finally the ‘After’ has arrived. I hope no one’s been holding their breath. Previously…  

Excerpts from the Week

Success! It’s been a productive week. Good thing too, the university’s closed all of next week so I’m forced to do nothing. It’s pretty awesome.

The Degree Exhibition

The countdown has begun apparently. It must have, because I’ve found myself, uh, counting down…to the much-anticipated Degree Show. So much to do, so little time, but I’m loving it (in a slightly stressed way). On a  vaguely related note, here’s a not-so-professional photograph of some copper I’m annealing. Fire-Face, creepy but cool

Just to prove that I have been working

Whenever the time comes to create a new post I don’t know what to write. I don’t think non-fiction is my forté. I might write in Fiction from now on, or just use pictures. Words are just a way of breaking up the pictures anyway. The ant was dismayed, his piano was filled with fish….


Polished up my copper thing in preparation for silver-plating. I don’t usually like showing work in progress, but it’s just so shiny.

Glass Artists, Ornithophobia, and Mysterious Creations

I went to a very interesting talk at the Ulster Museum this afternoon. Glass artist Colin Reid spoke on his work. I was quite impressed by the variety of intriguing sculptures he’s made, and I really want one of his giant-leaf coffee tables (preferably for free). You can view some of his beautiful work here….