What’s Christmas About?

Or: This is Not a Feel-Good Christmas Post

from The 100 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

Christmas movies all seem to have clear opinions on what Christmas is about: “Christmas is about family.” “Christmas is about giving.” “Christmas is about peace.” About love. About feeling good. About believing (usually in Santa).

But what makes them think they can summarise what Christmas is all about in one word?

I would like to suggest that Christmas isn’t about any of these things. They’re all good things, but we can’t make ourselves good people by doing good things once a year. If Christmas is about anything, it’s about Christ.
The clue is in the name.

But let’s set that aside for a moment, and get to the whole point of this blog post: to tell you about the SweetSilver Christmas Donation Project.
You see, I was going to start this post reminding you about the whole being-generous-to-the-less-fortunate-at-Christmas thing. You know: “while you’re stuffing your face and un-stuffing your stocking, there are children in this world starving, so you should quiet your conscience by giving some money away.”
But then I got a bit cynical (I don’t know if you can tell) and started ranting a little. So I want to let you know that the SweetSilver Christmas Donation Project, although it borders on the hypocritical, is not a project that aims to get more people buying SweetSilver jewellery, or aims to make me feel good by giving some proceeds to charity, or aims to make you feel good by allowing you to buy things and give to the less fortunate without having to really think about it.

No. The SweetSilver Christmas Donation Project is just another way for me to help people who need it.
This blog post is to let you know that of all SweetSilver commissions and sales this Christmas, a portion of proceeds will be given to charities that help underprivileged people.

I’m not trying to get you to buy from me, or to show off, I’m simply informing you of what I’m doing to be less selfish this Christmas (although I’m told selflessness is for life, not just for Christmas) and hopefully encouraging you to do likewise.

Here’s a list of not-so-selfish things to do this Christmas:

  • Instead of buying more stuff for people who have lots of stuff, give money to Oxfam on their behalf, and watch them try to be excited when you give them a card saying they provided a chicken for a family in the Congo.
  • If you’re going to buy stuff for people who have stuff, then at least get the stuff from charity shops, or Traidcraft.
  • Pack a few shoeboxes full of things that kids really need, and send them to Samaritan’s Purse.
  • Invite people who are away from their families into your home for Christmas – not everyone can be with their family during this family-centric holiday.
  • I’m sure there are loads of other lovely, loving things we could do. Feel free to comment below with your ideas.



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