Things I Have Not Yet Done

I have a little collection of pieces that I have planned to make but have had to leave unfinished for one reason or another.

The silver and driftwood spoon:


This teaspoon has been sitting on my workbench since May. It sits beside the piece of driftwood and some gold wire. But things got a bit too busy for me to manage to work on it, so it’s waiting until after Christmas, when I’ll probably be longing for the summer day on which I found the driftwood and will have the enthusiasm to get it done.

The abstract piece of gold:


I soldered a few scraps of gold together to make this dragon-like object. (Do you see the dragon?) But wasn’t really sure where to go with it from there. I’ve come up with a few ideas now and hope to make it into something lovely soon.

The silver box:


I started making this little silver box almost two years ago, but didn’t have a large enough blow-torch to solder it together. I bought a larger blow-torch a few months ago, so am now very excited to get finally this finished.

And finally, something that I finished but never got around to sharing on the internet…

A finished but un-blogged-about necklace:


This was a commission I did a year ago. It was to be a leaving present for someone who loved travelling and sunshine. This was the design her friends picked for her and by all accounts she loved it.


Well, there you have it: a little insight into the unfinished things on my desk. I hope I’m not the only one… You have unfinished things lying around too, right?



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