Work in Progress: Tiny Silver Wire People Necklace

I know, the title needs a some work too, but I’ll get to that once the necklace is finished.

It all begins…with silver wire and pliers.
After about four hours of making, I have twenty-four people.
Soldering one tiny person to connect two others, thus making a chain of three.
A whole muddle of tiny people in the cleaning acid after lots of soldering.
After five days of work I’m about a third of the way to a complete necklace.
Day six: almost there…only I’ve run out of wire.


Stay tuned to find out what happens next.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Herbert Jan Knott says:

    Very nice concept I am beginning to like one dimensional people more and more.



    1. robynhepburn says:

      That’s the effect I hope to have on people.

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