The Very Tiny People Meet a Whisk

Today’s installment of Adventures of the Very Tiny People:

The very tiny people try to make scrambled eggs for breakfast, but their tiny silver whisk is just not tiny enough.

With such tiny arms and no thumbs, it seems as though breakfast such never come to pass.

The Giant offers his assistance, and – once Francine comes to – it seems as if the very tiny people will be getting their breakfast after all.

Francine swoons at the sight of the giant

Unfortunately disappointment is inevitable as the silver whisk is meant for a necklace, not eggs, and it is taken away from them and put on a chain.

The very tiny people have to eat cereal for breakfast once again.

Rupert and Francine still hold out hope that the whisk shall one day be theirs.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Herbert Jan Knott says:

    Love your sense of humor. Do tiny people have giant minds and enormous thoughts? Jan


    1. robynhepburn says:

      Thank you. 🙂
      They have medium-sized minds and slightly smaller, but important thoughts. At least my tiny people do; I can’t speak for others.

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