As Valentine’s Day Approaches…

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Lots of hearts available in my Etsy shop.

I love Valentine’s day.

I look forward to it. I start looking forward to it as soon as my birthday is over. I look forward to it even more than I look forward to my birthday.

A lot of people who know me are surprised at this. They think I’d be all Valentine’s-day-is-so-commercialised and Valentine’s-day-forces-people-to-buy-tacky-stuff. Although I think both those things are true, I feel that way to a much larger degree about Christmas and Easter, but that doesn’t make me enjoy them any less.

Here are a few of my favourite things about Valentine’s day:

  1. I love everyone on Valentine’s Day – I get this happy warm feeling inside and want to tell everyone that they are loved. Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, it’s about love, and that’s for everyone!
  2. I get to play my annual game of Count the Flowers. The rules are simple: just count every person you see carrying flowers (this excludes the people who are trying to sell the flowers though). It works best if you’re in a big city.
  3. It’s another opportunity to give people presents! I love giving people presents. Parents, children, siblings, friends, strangers, everyone should have a Valentine’s day present! Oh, and spouses too; I almost forgot.
  4. SURPRISE! There’s always the feeling that you could be surprised with loving gifts and letters at any moment. I love surprises.


HOORAY! It’s almost Valentine’s Day!

Here are a few things you could do this Valentine’s day to make it the best Valentine’s day so far:

  1. Spend the day wondering around a city you’ve never been to before.
  2. Play Count the Flowers (see rules above).
  3. Spend some time thinking up something very special to get for your special someone. And start working on it now, don’t just grab something at the last minute.*
  4. Send all your friends and family (or just the ones you love the most) loving letters or cards. Chances are they won’t be expecting it – you’ll be providing a Valentine’s surprise!

*Would you like some suggestions for lovely, special things for your lovely, special someone?
Well, here is another list!

  1. Take them somewhere nice for the weekend. Why not surprise your lovely person the Friday before by whisking them off for a weekend break? You should probably make sure as soon as possible that your preferred babysitters are available. Here’s a place I wouldn’t mind being whisked to.
  2. Get a portrait of the two of you beautifully illustrated by Andsmile. Not only is it personal, it’s also quirky: the best kind of gift.
  3. Get a bespoke pair of silver earrings, or an elegant necklace, or something in gold perhaps. And I’m just the person to ask! Get in touch via Facebook, comment below, or check my website for what’s on sale. (You didn’t think I’d write a whole blog post without reminding you that I’m a jeweller, did you?)
  4. Send him/her on an errand. While they’re away, send any spare kids to their grandparents, deck the table (don’t forget candles), and run a hot, lavender-scented bath. When your beloved gets back, complaining about the errand you sent them on, show them to their bath and let them relax while you get dinner made (any main course will do, just don’t forget dessert!). Then they can emerge from their cloud of lavender loveliness and enjoy a relaxed meal, in their bathrobe. After dinner, get cosy on the sofa with a big duvet while watching a favourite movie or playing a board game.

Valentine’s day is so easy, I don’t know what people keep complaining about…

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.55.06.png
Robots are a great way to say ‘I love you’ – these are some whimsical chocolates from the Whimsical Cake Company

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jan Knott says:

    Love you all, everyone, every last one of you, the whole kit and kaboodle, all my favorites, those in love and those soon to be in love, the next generation and the last generation, the priests and the pauper priests, the Canadiens, everyone. Of course you all love me too. Thanks for posting. Jan

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