Brilliant Jewellery to Wear this Christmas



I’m not sure if you may have noticed, but it’s almost Christmas. In fact, you probably haven’t been able to escape the barrage of adverts and decorations that have been accosting us every day since October.
Well, this post is no different. It’s a round-up of great festive jewellery from all over the internet, that you could wear (or give to someone else) this Christmas.

DIY Beaded Snowflake Necklace

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 19.00.32.png

There are clear visual instructions on how to make this pendant here.

Laser-Cut Reindeer Ring


What a cutie this reindeer is! A lovely addition to any hand at Christmas. (On a side note, I thought reindeer were mythical until I was 16…)*

Sterling Silver Snowflake Studs


Although these two snowflakes are identical, the scientific inaccuracies do not detract from their beauty. Buy them here.

DIY Christmas Light Earrings

Here’s a video on how to make some earrings out of old Christmas lights…if you really want to.

Gingerbread Man in a Hot-Chocolate Jacuzzi…Ring


I don’t need to say anything here, that face speaks for itself!

Personalised LET IT SNOW Ring


For a subtle, fancy festive feel, this silver ring is perfect.

Swarovski Bead Christmas Tree Earrings

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 17.25.16

You can buy make-your-own packs of these beads complete with instructions on how to make these Christmas tree earrings.

Lego Christmas Ornaments

This LEGO snowflake and wreath would make lovely statement necklaces.

Silver Robin Silhouette Pendant



A beautiful, textured festive pendant; who wouldn’t want one of these?

Christmas Charm Bracelet


A charming charm bracelet (ho ho, never heard that one before) specially for people who like deer.


I hope you enjoyed the round-up and have been inspired to make, buy, or wear some interesting Christmassy jewellery this year

Spoiler alert. The paragraph below contains information that may upset children who still believe in Santa Clause…

*My confusion about reindeer is understandable: I grew up in the southern hemisphere, and all I knew about them was that 1. they were deer that could fly though they had no wings, and 2. they helped that infamous mythical man – Santa – deliver his toys. Would you have believed they were real?







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