Fall Bracelet

Fall Bracelet (2012) silver, copper Here be my newest tiny person, sitting forlornly on a branch. He doesn’t like these long nights, and short, silver-clouded days.   Advertisements

Arty Auction to Save the World

Do you like saving the world? Do you enjoy pretending to be posh? Well I have the perfect event for you. It’s War on Want’s Art Aid! Bring your friends, dress up fancy (throw on some pearls and a bow tie, you may be over dressed but you’ll feel awesome) and browse the art. And…

The Gnu Website (devoid of gnus)

If you’d like to see my fancy, new, slightly professional website, click here Enjoy. And feel free to suggest improvements. Since I’m sure you’re disappointed by the lack of gnus, here’s a picture of one: When I was little I thought a gnu was some kind of exotic animal found only in the UK –…

A Few New Creations

  I’m sure you’re desperate to see the full-sized images, but never fear, they are all on the ‘Portfolio’ page.