The Official Degree Show Info

Hmm, what to post about…I know! I’ll talk about the degree show again. The opening night is Friday the 8th of June from 6pm. The show will continue until Saturday the 16th, open each day 10am – 5pm (Thursday: 10am – 9pm, Sunday: Closed) See fantastic creations by Eilish McBride, Becca Hume, Ruth Elliot and Susanna…

I won something!

Yes, indeed, I am a winner. Winner. That is I. Ok…maybe a runner-up. But still, It’s pretty awesome. As you can see: “Dear Robyn, I wish to thank you for your entry in the 2012 Student Competition and I am pleased to inform you that you have been awarded the Runner Up prize in the…

Earring triplets

Made earrings out of bits of my work today. Because I can.  


I love animation. So I’ve uploaded some of my A-Level attempts to see if they’ll be greatly admired by the world or hated and ostracised. I demand only extreme reactions.    

Degree Show

I can finally divulge the information we’ve all been waiting for: the opening night for the University of Ulster degree show is…the 8th of June. Keep it free, it should be a great night where you can witness much awesomeness. And there will be snacks.