Kim Buck Masterclass

Our masterclass with Kim Buck was about a month ago, but I was saving it for a slow news day. Like today. His jewellery is clever and playful, often commenting on perceptions of jewellery itself. In fact I liked his work so much I brought Husband along to his lecture at the Ulster Museum, which…

A Shot of Suspense

As The Deadline and Degree Show approach, I thought I’d post a post of suspense. I considered doing this with the classic countdown approach, but I don’t actually know specific dates yet…so: There are only (approximately) FIVE weeks (or so) until my work is displayed for all to see alongside the beautiful work of a…


Apparently I was a little quick to post that ‘Before‘ picture, but finally the ‘After’ has arrived. I hope no one’s been holding their breath. Previously…  


A month or so ago I found the broken innards of a torch lying in the workshop, which seemed robotesque to me. My philosophy has now become: if you give something eyes it’ll become a robot. An important philosophy I think.    

Excerpts from the Week

Success! It’s been a productive week. Good thing too, the university’s closed all of next week so I’m forced to do nothing. It’s pretty awesome.