Ethical Jewellery

Man Sifting for Gold (from Fairtrade Gold website)

While researching for my dissertation in December I stumbled upon Ute Decker’s website, which advertised an intriguing seminar she was due to hold in February on ‘Ethical Jewellery’. I signed up for it immediately without truly considering how I was going to get to London for the day, but I managed to attend it last weekend – using it as an excuse for my hubband and I to visit a friend and make use of his free accommodation.

Sourcing materials and creating jewellery can, and regularly does, have a negative effect on people and the environment. Jewellers and silversmiths take great care in making their work, yet often neglect care for other people and the environment. It is easy to buy the cheapest or most convenient materials rather than investigate their sources and the effects their extraction can have.

Watch a video on Fairtrade and Fairmined Gold:

A great website for anyone who is interested in ethically sourced materials:

Ute Decker’s website is very interesting; she is working on making every aspect of her practice more ethical and sustainable.


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