A Story

The tree had recently packed up his belongings and located his intended destination on a map printed on his cousin. The destination was, of course, Flome, the ideal getaway for any tree who has a map.
As he skipped through town, leaving devastation in his wake, he contemplated the possible future he would experience. He felt blind without the ability to see into the future, not aware that this was normal for most trees.
It took only seventeen minutes for the tree to reach the point of destination and feel triumph coursing through his phloem. His leaves applauded in awe as the tree slowly spun around with branches outstretched in wonder at the glorious surrounds.
The tree noticed a café entitled The Café of Amazing, Café. Intrigued by this mysterious name and unusual punctuation he walked through the door and sat down on a table. A waitron of indefinable gender brought him a strawberry milkshake in an attempt to make a good impression. However, the tree was greatly affronted assuming the waitron meant for him to drink one of his kin in liquid form. This offence was drastically multiplied when the humanoid working at the till refused to give him change for a fiver, uttering the immortal phrase “I can’t just give away money for nothing.” The tree left the café never to return and had trouble looking humans in the eye for many years, until he fulfilled his dream of becoming an optician in an ABBA tribute band.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Melany Brown says:

    Is that ABBA Father??

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