Another story

The creation of the ball of fluff is a turbulent story. Bears and mongooses were involved, as well as The Angeréd Cupcakes. This meant that war was sure to be announced. It happened five years after the ball of fluff rampaged the planet. Major Montgomery had spoken to his countrymen and gained the impression that…

Glass Artists, Ornithophobia, and Mysterious Creations

I went to a very interesting talk at the Ulster Museum this afternoon. Glass artist Colin Reid spoke on his work. I was quite impressed by the variety of intriguing sculptures he’s made, and I really want one of his giant-leaf coffee tables (preferably for free). You can view some of his beautiful work here….

The New Guy etc

He’s a little camera-shy. Probably under pressure as the most valuable one – his brothers are jealous. I realise I’m referring to these tiny people as my children, but hey, I made them. I will be raising it over more, but for now it looks pretty cool.

Current Work

While making this guy today, one of his legs broke off. I soldered it back on, giving him a beautiful silver prosthetic bottom. Here he is taking a swim after his ordeal.

Ethical Jewellery

While researching for my dissertation in December I stumbled upon Ute Decker’s website, which advertised an intriguing seminar she was due to hold in February on ‘Ethical Jewellery’. I signed up for it immediately without truly considering how I was going to get to London for the day, but I managed to attend it last…

A Story

The tree had recently packed up his belongings and located his intended destination on a map printed on his cousin. The destination was, of course, Flome, the ideal getaway for any tree who has a map. As he skipped through town, leaving devastation in his wake, he contemplated the possible future he would experience. He…